How do you open your heart and accept

the love that got lost in the anger you've kept?

Being slave to that anger and the need to be real

Which has led to perfecting a way not to feel


Be strong as the emptiness drains confidence

Gearing your strength to fight pain so intense

Taking that stand will relinquish your role

And head you toward peace with your mind and your soul


Deep in our hearts we all hold the key

to live out our destiny confidently

Believe in your love; accept love with care

And patience will show you that loved ones are there!

Becoming Real

Life is a struggle against the unknown

Buried beneath fears of being alone

Turning from pain and hiding your will

to find happiness--taking a lifetime to fill


A child will sense needs and learn to relate

     to the world in a way so secure in his fate

Trying to fill those he loves with his soul

While hiding his tears as he acts out his role


Time marches on passing innocently

     and a child is hurting but no one can see

Venting the pain through substitute means

Expressing an anger that lives through extremes


What does it mean to be without sadness

After years as a prisoner in a world full of madness?

Yearning for love and on one to rely

Searching for truth through living a lie

When I was 21 years old, I wrote the poem below. It came to me spontaneously and flowed through me in a matter of minutes. It speaks to challenges of awakening spiritually--letting go of the false self, healing the inner (wounded) child, becoming the authentic self, and believing in your worthiness to give and receive love. Enjoy!