While there can be difficult inner processing work involved, your awakening will honor your free will and your inalienable right to create your own reality (which each of us do, whether we know it or not). No one and nothing can ever take away your right to believe, feel, think, and do what you choose to believe, feel, think, and do and, consequently, experience what you choose to experience (based on what you believe, feel, think, and do). That is your reality.

However, you will likely experience difficulties and challenges in your life to invite you to see things differently and, in turn, transmute and transcend fear. Remember, awakening is designed to help you grow, evolve, and expand into who you really are. It is a beautiful, divinely timed gift from your soul.

As Maya Angelou said, "When you know better, you do better." Awakening spiritually will help you know better because it will teach you the true nature of existence. It will help you see that reality for each of us is just a composition of energies responding to our own consciousness and, because we get to choose the energies we wish to engage with, our true power lies within.


You have been choosing assorted positive and negative energies your whole life, but perhaps not with awareness of its effects on your consciousness--your inner spiritual being--and experiential consequences. Now you will come to understand this and learn to use your true power consciously to create your experiences and your reality. You will happily embrace responsibility for your life and actively design it, rather than passively participate in it by reacting to what's out there (that is victim consciousness). When you can see that you are (and have always been) creating and co-creating with others what's out there--whether you are aware of it or not--you will appreciate the benefits of being aware of it and take vibrational command of your life. Then, everything will change... 

Enjoy the awakening journey!

Choose Consciously