Law of Cause & Effect


The purpose of the law of cause and effect is not to punish,

but to balance out positive and negative energy through experience.


But none of that is our concern. Why? Because no matter how much we may wish it were otherwise, we don't get to dictate or control how energy--positive or negative--is managed and divvied out experientially in the overall cosmic scheme of things. Karmic law is baked into the operating system of the universe, so all we need to know is that the law--whose purpose is not to punish, but to balance out positive and negative energy through experience--applies to everyone, so anything negative we experience is typically because we are being helped to balance our own karma. (It is also possible that our soul simply agreed (benevolently) to assist other souls with their evolution.) 

This is a key lesson each of us is here to learn and master through the exercise of our free will. As we do, our consciousness rises above the density of the third-fourth dimensions (dimensions are layers of frequencies, not physical places) into lighter frequencies of the fifth+ dimensions, where lower, negative frequencies do not, and cannot, exist. It is also why the Golden Rule is way more than a platitude. What we do to others we literally do to ourselves because that energy is going to circle back around to us sooner or later. [It takes time to circle back around in the lower, dense third-fourth dimensions (which is why some do not believe in karma), butThe Shift is accelerating that process in order to trigger more awakenings.]

The longer we ignore or deny the effects of this universal law, the longer we stay stuck in third-fourth dimensional frequencies and subject ourselves to low frequency, negative experiences, when sustained high frequency living is available to us.

Whatever we cause others to experience, we will one day experience.

Another way of saying this is energy out is energy back. This doesn't mean an "eye for an eye." Nor does it necessarily mean that anyone who wrongs us will be wronged in this lifetime and that we will be there to see it. Anyone who wrongs us may not feel the effects of his/her negative energy until a future lifetime and, even if we are part of that person's future lifetime, we may or may not be there to see it. We may not even be the catalyst for it.