Law of Cause & Effect (conclusion)


I wanted out of that tit-for-tat game, so I began seeing every negative person and situation in my life as an opportunity to cleanse and clear my karmic slate. Instead of reacting angrily, defensively, judgmentally, etc., I chose responses rooted in understanding, kindness, respect, forgiveness, acceptance, and love. This brought peaceful resolutions to conflicts and positive outcomes for all concerned, and over time, dissolved negativity in and around me. It was a win-win for me and my karma.

That was a big aha for me and a milestone in my awakening, because once I understood how the law of cause and effect operates and the way it is proportionately applied to each of us at a soul level, it became easier for me to detach from the "story" of whatever was happening to me, rise above low frequency (ego) pettiness, and see that reacting negatively to any negativity only keeps me in a karmic loop, a repetitive cycle of experiencing and re-experiencing negative energy. It keeps me on the stage in the drama, distracted from who I really am and what I am here to experience.

To me, inner peace is the best part of awakening spiritually.

And that happens to be the ultimate goal of A Course in Miracles--inner peace.

To be able to live and move about in this world without being weighed down by heavy, low frequency energies, such as hate, anger, judgment, blame, bitterness, and resentment, is so freeing and empowering, no words can really do it justice.

It must be experienced.

That is why each of us has free will--so we can choose to experience it. Or not.