Everything = Energy

People and situations don't determine how we experience them--vibrational frequencies with which we choose to experience them do. Believing otherwise is giving our power away and letting frequencies others choose dictate our experience. 

As I embraced the spiritual path beckoning me, an interesting thing started to happen. I began seeing challenges and difficulties differently. I was learning that they (and everything else in life) happen for us, not to us, because they are opportunities to look within, examine who we are, and--through the frequency of our responses--raise the frequency at which we are vibrating. 

The higher we vibrate, the more we are capable of being a source of positive energy and responding positively, no matter who or what we are dealing with. It is a choice we make, something totally within our control.

We are responsible for our own energy, and we get what we put out vibrationally. For example, negative, fear-based thoughts, feelings, and emotions draw to us more reasons to be fearful, while positive, love-based thoughts, feelings, and emotions draw to us more reasons to be joyful and to have a sense of well-being. Each time we can summon the strength to respond to low frequency energy with higher frequency energy, we raise our own frequency and reduce the need for similar, low frequency experiences to circle back around to give us another opportunity to make a different (higher vibrational) choice.

Understanding this got me to pay close attention to my energy field and take responsibility for everything in my life. I ceased being a victim and judging others under any circumstance and, instead, focused on the nature of the energy I was contributing to, or withholding from, a particular situation and how that might be impacting my and others' experience of the situation and outcome.

Eventually, I stopped ricochet reacting and began pausing, then choosing higher vibrational responses, instead. That's when the sense of struggle in my life started dissipating and a lighter, more liberating and empowered way of being set in.

Everything is energy--including thoughts, feelings, and emotions--so, via the Law of Attraction (i.e., like attracts like), the frequency of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions is key to what we draw to us.


The lower we vibrate, the more we are likely to be a source of negative energy and to respond negatively, even if who or what we are dealing with is positive. [We all know people like that (usually family members!), they can only see the negative.] Again, it is a choice.

Frequencies available to us at any given time are determined by our state of consciousness--our awareness of the divinity within each of us. Awakening helps us become more conscious, more aware that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. It encourages us to face down fears and release dense energy we may be (unwittingly) holding, which raises our frequency level.