The Shadow Self

The shifts occurring within me happenend gradually. While they were happening, I was served no shortage of challenges and difficulties, both personally and professionally, that allowed me to practice my new, emerging approach to life. The most astonishing change I noticed in myself was that I became less and less angry, even when I felt I was being wronged, and more and more willing to let things go and step away from, instead of engaging in, conflict and drama.

Rather than going into automatic defense-mode,   I began to view every negative person and situation as a gift that was there to help me.


The purpose of negative people and situations in our lives is:

(1) INTEGRATION: To bring to our attention negative beliefs we are holding about ourselves (knowingly or not) that we need to love free and integrate into our being. This is our shadow self--wounded or fragmented aspects of ourselves we have denied or rejected in this and/or past lifetimes (due to trauma or abuse, for example). These aspects can become stuck or dissociated and influence our lives in unconscious and detrimental ways. Integrating them releases deep energetic wounds and enables us to become whole and experience and enjoy life in new ways; 

(2) BALANCE KARMA:  Whatever we cause others to experience, we will one day experience.  (More on this in Law of Cause & Effect); and

(3) GROWTH: To nudge us forward on our spiritual path (i.e., help us to grow and expand further into who we really are).